Who would not love cheese? You possibly can say that this milk product is a favourite of many individuals as a result of cheese has a particular style and might arouse one’s urge for food. Cheese does come from the Netherlands, however apparently not solely within the Netherlands you’ll find cheese. In Europe there are such a lot of several types of cheese which might be fairly standard in consumption as a complement to a culinary. For instance, the next 10 European cheeses are fairly standard and most favourite.

1. Cheddar Cheese


The primary European cheese that was most frequently consumed was Cheddar Cheese. The sort of cheese might already be acquainted to our ears, as a result of this cheese has additionally been present in Indonesia.

Cheddar cheese seems to be the title taken from the origin of the cheese itself, specifically Cheddar Village positioned within the Somerset space, England. This cheese is included within the class of onerous cheese and is often used as a fundamental ingredient or the principle ingredient in making meals and desserts.

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2. Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese

The European cheese that you should strive subsequent is Parmesan Cheese. This cheese can also be no much less standard in Europe as a result of it’s usually utilized in cooking.

Many suppose that this Parmesan Cheese comes from the Netherlands, though this cheese comes from the Parma area of Italy. The sort of cheese is often made out of cow’s milk which is made in a interval starting from 3 months to 12 months. Parmesan cheese has a dense texture and is commonly offered in powder kind as a sprinkling materials in numerous processed meals. This cheese additionally has a singular aroma as a result of it tastes candy and the style just isn’t too sharp.

3. Edam Cheese

Edam Cheese

Edam Cheese can also be one of many European Cheeses that’s very often consumed within the Blue Continent. The sort of cheese comes from an actual cheese-producing space, specifically the Netherlands, exactly in Edam.

Edam Cheese has the same look to Cheddar Cheese within the form of a purple apple. The purple shade of this cheese is made out of paraffin or wax. Edam cheese is often consumed for individuals who are on a weight loss plan, it’s because Edam cheese has a decrease fats content material in comparison with different cheeses.

The style of this Edam cheese tends to be extra tasteless and odorless, this cheese has a mushy style on the tongue. Normally Edam Cheese is used as a mix of processed meals from fruit and sprinkles toppings pastry.

4. Gouda Cheese

Gouda Cheese

The subsequent European cheese additionally nonetheless comes from the Netherlands, specifically Gouda Cheese. Gouda cheese can also be the most effective Dutch cheeses utilizing cow’s milk.

Gouda cheese has a candy style due to the content material of lactic acid that has been misplaced in it. This cheese is saved utilizing brine which might produce a particular style. Not solely that, the interval of storage of cheese may also have an effect on the extent of sweetness of the cheese.

The method of fermenting milk to make this cheese often takes one month to a 12 months. This cheese has a unique texture from different cheeses as a result of it’s more durable and crunchy. However if you need a creamier texture, this cheese might be served melted like a mozzarella cheese dish. This cheese is commonly served as toppings on salads and casseroles.

5. Mozzarella Cheese

Mozarella cheese

The sort of European cheese can also be fairly standard in Indonesia these days as a result of you’ll find it in lots of meals retailers in Indonesia.

Just like Parmesan Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese additionally comes from Italy. The uncooked materials used is a mix of cow’s milk and buffalo milk which is processed to provide a mushy textured cheese. Typically mozzarella cheese is used as a toppings in quite a lot of Italian specialties, resembling pizza and lasagna. This cheese can also be often served with meals that’s nonetheless sizzling.

6. Stilton Cheese

Stilton Cheese

Stilton cheese can also be one of the vital standard forms of European cheese. Stilton cheese is made utilizing the assistance of micro organism or fungi and has a reasonably distinctive form.

This cheese has a bluish tint as a result of pasteurization means of including mushrooms. This cheese has a thick, dense pores and skin that can also be wrinkled. Whereas on the floor there are a number of small holes that come up because of needle sticking with a purpose to launch air. The bluish tinge within the flesh of this cheese is extra pronounced the longer it’s fermented. Younger Stilton cheeses are typically crumbly and pale in shade.

7. Emmental Cheese

Emmental Cheese

Should you concentrate, this one European cheese could also be fairly iconic as a result of it usually seems in cartoons. Cheese with holes which might be fairly dense is named Emmental Cheese originating from Switzerland.

Emmental cheese has a savory style that may be tailored to numerous forms of meals as a result of it’s not too salty. The method of constructing cheese is finished by including micro organism to assist the fermentation course of. Whereas the holes within the cheese physique are product of carbon dioxide gasoline combined with micro organism. These holes can be used to find out the extent of maturity of this Emmental cheese, the place the bigger the opening produced, the extra mature the cheese. This cheese is often a complementary ingredient in layers of meals, resembling cheese burgers, fondue, sandwiches and casseroles.

8. Camembert Cheese


European cheese hereinafter often known as Camembert Cheese which comes from France. This cheese, which is produced within the Normandy area, has a number of issues in widespread with different cheeses, from the manufacturing course of to the ensuing style.

The outer shell of Camembert Cheese is coated with white fungus which generally has purple spots on the floor. This cheese has a mushy and mushy texture as a result of it melts simply whether it is in sizzling temperatures. Because of this, camembert cheese is often used as a variety on meals.

9. Raclette Cheese

Raclette Cheese

Raclette cheese has additionally change into one of many forms of European cheeses which have just lately been present in Indonesia. This cheese has an appetizing look when melted.

Normally this Raclette cheese is used as toppings for serving steaks. The feel of this cheese tends to be harder and have to be heated earlier than serving.

10. Chevre Cheese

Chevre Cheese

The final kind of European cheese is Chevre Cheese. Chevre cheese is made out of cow’s milk, buffalo milk and goat’s milk.

This Chevre cheese has a singular style and is completely different from the others. That is as a result of fermentation means of goat’s milk, which makes this cheese just a little extra bitter. In Europe, Chevre Cheese is often used as a complement to meals, resembling sandwiches.


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