Electric surfboards are quickly becoming a must-have accessory for anybody who enjoys being on the water. These boards eliminate the need to look for waves because they are powered by a battery and can move you forward even in calm water.

There are electric boards for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just starting out. There are five that stand out for a variety of reasons: pricing, speed, and the number of users. See what they’re all about down below.

Mertek S1 Inflatable Electric Surfboard

Mertek is a great electric surfboard for beginners because it’s easy to use and doesn’t break the bank. Because it’s inflatable and foldable, the S1 Inflatable Electric Surfboard is a breeze to carry and takes up very little space in a vehicle or luggage. While it’s not as fast as some other models on the market, its lower top speed makes it ideal for younger or less experienced surfers. Surfers utilise a wireless remote to control the board, which comes in eight speed variants with a wide range of options for the user. Overboard stop technology, which makes the board stop if you fall off, is also included in this model. The Mertek S1 Inflatable Electric Surfboard is an excellent value for money electric surfboard since it is one of the less expensive models available.

Price: £2,450.00 (UK Only)

Awake Ravik S Motorized Surfboard

The Ravik S Motorized Surfboard from Swedish company Awake is a high-end, effective board. This board excels in three key areas: speed, agility, and stability. With a thin tail and rounded edges, this board is more agile and less buoyant than its predecessor. Surfers will have better control with this design since it gives them more feedback when they’re in the water. The board’s top speed is an astounding 56 km/h, and it has four power levels for surfers to choose from. It also features a sturdy twin fin for more stability and confidence in the waves. Customers seeking the best surfing experience will appreciate the board’s high-end features.

Price: €12,9000 

Efoilfly NeptuneX

NeptuneX’s smooth aerodynamics and luxury design can be attributed to the fact that the eFoilFly team also includes aircraft engineers. As a ‘efoil’ board made of electric foil, it is highly regarded. As a result of its shape, this board floats above the water, giving riders a smooth ride. The board has a peak speed of 45km/h and a runtime of 60 minutes on a rapid recharge of only two hours thanks to its lithium-ion battery. There is a wireless remote control for the board that shows information such as the current speed, temperature, and battery life. Users have the option of navigating the waves with accuracy or using cruise control from here.

Price: $ 8.490 

Carver X by Onean

Onean’s Carver X features a strong dual-jet propulsion system and is a serious performer. The board’s peak speed with this battery configuration is 45km/h, making it a viable choice for riders weighing more than 90kg, while top speeds will be lower for heavier riders. With a maximum output of 10 kW, the board has double the power of Onean’s Carver Twin model. This board is powered by two batteries, which extend the riding length to 40 minutes. The board is operated by a wireless remote that has five power settings. The remote may be used with other Onean models.

Price: 10.450,00€

Radinn Jetboard

Electric surfboard manufacturer Radinn is well-known. They’re well-known for their award-winning, high-quality boards. The customizability of a Radinn board is one of its most amazing characteristics; you may change the appearance and functionality of your board to meet your specific requirements. Radinn can build the perfect board for you, regardless of whether this is your first time using a board or not. The boards are made up of three components: the board type, the jetpack, and the battery. They are all interchangeable. They have a top speed of 56 kilometres per hour and a long battery life of 45 minutes. Due to the board’s customizability, the cost varies according on the desired features.

Price: 9090 €


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