How to setup dual PCs for streaming

A cutting edge gaming PC ought to be sufficient to communicate your ongoing interaction to the web, yet a subsequent PC can help make a smoother spilling experience. You can even repurpose old equipment to accomplish this, expecting it meets the base specs for your preferred gushing foundation.

Setting up a devoted gushing PC to work close by your gaming apparatus can set aside a touch of effort to design, yet for gamers who need to min-max the spilling experience, two PCs can be an incredible choice.

What You Need to Stream with Two PCs

There isn’t one definite approach to set up your optimal gushing arrangement, so we’ll be going over an assortment of equipment setups here. Contingent upon your particular spilling needs and equipment, your arrangement procedure may look somewhat changed, however the basics ought to be generally the equivalent.

1. Equipment

Regardless of whether you choose to repurpose a more established machine or buy a totally new one for the activity, ensure you have a mouse, console, and screen for both.

A decent general guideline is to consider one PC as your gaming PC, and the different as your gushing machine. For your essential gaming PC, you’ll need to ensure you have at any rate the base CPU and GPU specs to play the games you need. While choosing your spilling PC, remember that your CPU does the vast majority of the work encoding video for your stream.

In case you’re thinking about purchasing a machine carefully to deal with encoding video for your stream, Intel has banded together up with a couple of producers to offer individual gushing PCs enhanced for spilling out of the crate.

2. Programming

When you’ve amassed your equipment, including your gaming PC and spilling PC, you’ll have to fire gathering together programming — including gushing programming. For newbies, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)* is anything but difficult to explore, and outfitted with what you have to help encourage a two-PC stream arrangement.

Intel’s all set smaller than normal apparatuses transport with Streamlabs OBS* (SLOBS) preloaded, offering an agreeable interface, and including video impacts like spring up alarms. Both OBS* and SLOBS* are allowed to introduce on your machine of decision, and bolster double gushing arrangements with catch cards. In the event that you’d preferably pay for something somewhat more strong, Xsplit* is well known among proficient streamers in view of extra highlights like scene reviews and improved transfers.

3. Extras

When you’ve set up your two PCs, it’s a great opportunity to begin ordering adornments. There is no correct method to embellish your 2 PC stream arrangement. It very well may be as basic as interactivity with a voice overlay, or as included as utilizing a blender to interface your mouthpiece to the two PCs just as an intricate green screen arrangement. Since there are such a large number of alternatives accessible here, think about the rundown beneath as a spot to begin, and afterward tweak to meet your requirements.

Catch Card

Catch cards have the info and yield ports you have to communicate continuous video from the gaming apparatus to your stream machine. You can pick between an inward catch card or an outer one like the Elgato* HD60 S, associated by means of USB and HDMI. Inward catch cards can help spare outside ports in the event that you have the space accessible inside your PC, while outer catch cards are valuable for their convenientce and simple arrangement. Outer catch gadgets can likewise be utilized for game catch and game gushing film from comforts.

Progressively experienced clients should seriously think about matching PCs through Ethernet utilizing NewTek’s NDI*, however arrangement for NDI* can be muddled. We’ll concentrate principally on increasingly conventional spilling arrangements here.


In the event that you just need in-game sound, simply plug your earphones legitimately into the gaming PC. On the off chance that you’d prefer to hear sound yield from your stream, there are a couple of extra advances.

After the catch card is prepared to utilize, plug the earphones into the stream machine. At that point, in a gushing suite like OBS*, select the sound from the USB link originating from the catch card that is connected to the gaming PC. You’ll realize it works when you can hear your game.

A few streamers like to utilize a 3.5mm link splitter to accomplish this equivalent impact.


On the off chance that you don’t have a headset with an inherent amplifier, you’ll need a stand-up mic like the Blue Yeti* connected to your stream machine so your crowd can hear you. On the off chance that you don’t have the space for a standing amplifier, attempt a connection mic like the AntLion* ModMic, which mounts to a current pair of earphones with magnets.

On the off chance that you plan on concurrent in-game visit, you’ll need a different blender with at any rate two channels: one to go to the gaming PC, and one that goes into the spilling PC so the mouthpiece is accessible to the two machines. This arrangement is the equivalent for headsets with worked in mouthpieces.


A webcam can help give a progressively close to home touch to your stream. Associate it to your gushing PC, and ensure the sound is quieted in your spilling suite, as you don’t need it to get sound that ought to be getting through your mouthpiece. When you have it running, you’ll need to think about your scenery, which can be anything from a game plan of your preferred things to a green screen.

In the event that you do utilize a green screen, you will have choices like indicating film of your stream behind you, yet this adds some unpredictability to the arrangement procedure. Beginning with a basic foundation is superbly fine, as you can generally build the multifaceted nature of your stream later.

Setting Up Dual PC Streaming

You’ll have to download spilling programming to your machine before you can go live. (In case you’re on an Intel-bolstered individual spilling PC, you can skirt ahead to the following area.)

As referenced, a portion of the projects you’ll need to take a gander at including Open Broadcast Software* (OBS), SLOBS, and Xsplit*. Once introduced, guarantee that the catch card is associated, or introduced in the spilling machine before proceeding onward to interface the two PCs.

Interfacing the Two PCs

Interfacing your two PCs should just pause for a moment, however it’s essential to associate everything organized appropriately.

In case you’re utilizing an outside card like the Elgato* HD60 S, plug a HDMI link from your gaming PC into the “in” association of your catch card. At that point, interface the catch card to your spilling PC by means of USB.

In case you’re utilizing an interior catch card, introduce it in your spilling PC by adhering to the producer gave guidelines. At that point, associate your designs card through HDMI from your gaming PC to the HDMI port marked “in” on the catch card introduced on the stream machine.

When all the links are connected, head to your gaming PC. On the Windows work area, right-click select “Show settings”. From here, ensure that the HDMI link associated between your gaming PC and your spilling machine’s catch card (typically indicated by the name of the maker) is a copied show from your essential gaming screen. On the off chance that it’s an outer card, guarantee the proper drivers are introduced.

Associating the two machines right now that any potential confinements of the catch card don’t meddle with the capacities of your gaming screen, particularly on the off chance that it runs at a higher goals or invigorate rate. Before you head to your stream machine, leave the gaming PC running on something moving, similar to a video or enlivened game menu. The development will assist you with deciding if the video is matched up when you interface the two machines.

Presently, head over to your spilling machine. In case you’re utilizing an application like OBS* or SLOBS, include the catch card as a video source with the goal that it appears on the screen. You’ll see your game review show up in the telecom application. (On the off chance that you don’t see the game see promptly appear, ensure the video source isn’t taking cover behind another window.) Check to see that any development or movement is noticeable in the review window. Ensure that any solid that is playing through your gaming PC is likewise getting gotten by the telecom suite on your gushing machine — in an application like OBS*, sound levels are accessible for each source in the Mixer board.

In case you’re fruitful in getting the two machines set up, fire the way toward setting up the stream with your administration of decision. Reference How to stream on Intel for additional guidelines.

Two Can Be Better Than One

Despite the fact that you can stream and play a game from one current PC, a double gushing arrangement takes into account a superior dispersion of the outstanding task at hand, opening up one framework to run the game, and the other to be answerable for encoding the video for spilling. It’s an extraordinary method to oversee your gushing experience, and conceivably improve the nature of your stream.

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