5 Free Courses For It Administrators From Microsoft

Today we continue our series of articles, which will include 5 collections of free training courses from Microsoft. In the second part, we have the coolest courses for IT Administrators, which colleagues like the most.

By the way!

  • All courses are free (you can even try paid products for free);
  • 5/5 in English (+ many other languages);
  • You can start training instantly;
  • Upon completion, you will receive a badge confirming the successful completion of the training.

1.     Microsoft 365: Modernizing Enterprise Deployment with Windows 10 and Office 365

Microsoft 365 helps create a secure and updatable environment by using Windows 10 devices that have Office 365 applications installed and managed with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security.

This 3.5-hour module teaches you how to use Microsoft 365, the basics of using the tool, and security and user education.

You can find out more and start training at this link.

2.     Administering infrastructure resources in Azure

Learn how to create, manage, secure, and scale VM resources in the Azure cloud. It will take you about 10 hours to complete the entire course.

Course modules:

  • Understanding Azure Virtual Machines;
  • Create a Linux virtual machine in Azure;
  • Create a Windows virtual machine in Azure;
  • Management of virtual machines using the Azure CLI;
  • Updating virtual machines;
  • Setting up a network for virtual machines;
  • Create Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Resizing and adding disks in Azure VMs;
  • Caching and performance on Azure storage disks;
  • Disk protection for Azure virtual machines.

Details and start of training

3.     Resource management in Azure

Learn how to use the Azure command line and web portal to create, manage, and control cloud resources. By the way, in this course, as in many others, you will be able to practice in the Azure sandbox on your own.


  • Mapping requirements to cloud types and service models in Azure;
  • Managing Azure services using the CLI
  • Automating Azure Tasks with PowerShell Scripts
  • Cost forecasting and cost optimization for Azure;
  • Control and organize your Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager.

4.     Microsoft 365 basics

Microsoft 365 is a smart solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security that enables creative collaboration in a secure environment. This 4-hour course covers everything – everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft 365.

You will learn what Microsoft 365 is, basic information about the services and capabilities of the service, learn about teamwork, security and cloud capabilities. By the way, to complete the training, you need to have at least a superficial knowledge of cloud computing.

·       Administering containers in Azure

Azure Container Instances are the fastest and easiest way to run containers in Azure. This learning path will help you learn how to create and manage containers and how to achieve flexible scaling for Kubernetes using ACI.

Course modules:

  • Building a containerized web application using Docker;
  • Create and store container images using Azure Container Registry;
  • Run Docker containers with Azure Container Instances;
  • Deploy and run a containerized web app using Azure App Service
  • Overview of Azure Kubernetes Service.


These were 5 awesome tutorials that can be useful for administrators. Of course, we also have other courses that are not included in this collection. Look for them on our Microsoft Learn resource (which also hosts the courses listed above).

We will be continuing this series of articles with new collections very soon. Well, what they will be – you can try to guess in the comments. After all, the asterisks in the table of contents of this series of articles are for a reason.

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